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“Whether you are headed from west coast to east coast or moving locally, Moving can be exciting and stressful at the same time.  MWA has 10 steps to help your local mover or long distance moving experience go smoothly.”

10 Moving Tips For A Stress Free Move


01) Your Calendar Is Your Friend – Set reminders for everything from scheduling local moving company consultations to connecting the cable.


02) Get To Know Your New Home – Find new doctors, dentists, veterinarians, painters, contractors, pharmacist and etc.......


03) The Budget & Paperwork – Expenses tend to add up quickly, so keep documentation of everything for future reference and tax write offs.


04) Don’t Move What You Won’t Use – There is no reason to move anything you won’t need in your new home.


05) Your Timeline – You’re about to put everything you own into cardboard boxes.  It can be more than the average home owner is up for.  Consult with a local mover about professional packaging.


06) Hiring a local Mover – 3 estimates are best, you get what you pay for and you are now project manager.


07) Keep Important Papers And Medication – movers put everything in a box so keep medication and important papers in one location.


08) Stay In Communication – a phone number for contact with moving company or  local mover assigned to your relocation should be accessible at all times.


09) Review All Charges Upon Arrival Of Movers – Ask about charges you agreed upon and insurance you require before the movers begin.


10) Take Care Of Your Crew – Whether you bring in family and friends or professional movers, to facilitate your local move, have cold water on hand and please remember to tip according to their effort.

We are happy to discuss these topics in detail.  Please call 888-666-3123 for a free moving consultation.  If we can not help you we know some one who can.